R Lattanzios, Morwell Victoria  6th November 2019

After our 2 year old baby cracked the screen with a plastic xylophone wand on our previous 65" tv my wife and I decided it would be a cheap investment to purchase a screen defender. We are so glad we did as I have seen the same child repeatedly bash his bottle and throw other assorted toys at the TV without any damage whatsoever. We would not have a functioning Telly if it wasn't for this product and would be at least several thousand dollars out of pocket by now. It sure can take some abuse from small children but most of all I like the ability to clean the screen with a quick spray and a soft damp dish cloth in about 15 seconds without leaving any smudges or worrying about cracks and crevices as the screen is totally flat. My family and I highly recommend this product.  

M Bourke Macgregor ACT

Thanks very much Tony. I received the Screen protector today and was amazed at just how easy it was to install and how good it looks. Actually, you wouldn’t even know it was on without looking for it!

The instructions provided were clear and concise and the protector was on within a few minutes.

I am very happy with the product, how it was packaged and delivered (in the evening when I was home) and the level of service you provided.

I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family.

Thanks again.


B Finn Moggill QLD

I contacted Tony after discovering that you couldn't buy anti glare products in Australia for our 60 inch plasma TV. The TV was unwatchable during the day and was hard to watch at night with the ceiling lights on. We got a quote to have 2 windows & sliding doors to cut the glare but it would cost thousands of dollars to do this.

I rang tony and he said he would make an anti glare prototype for his TV to see what the picture would be like. Tony sent me photos which were great & then went to Harvey Norman to measure our model of TV. Tony made the anti glare screen for a fraction of the cost of window tinting & couriered it to us within days. We can now watch the TV day or night with a perfect picture. Thanks Tony you're a legend!!!


J Payne Forresters Beach NSW

The product quality and packaging was excellent, the screens fitted perfectly and the documentation was great. I don't think you guys could do any better.


R Hammer Caulfield North VIC

Hi Tony...thank you very much for sending out the TV protector this afternoon. VERY HAPPY! I have mentioned it in the special needs facebook page I help administrate and several people were very intrested so I have passed your details to them.Good luck with your business. I will keep mentioning you to parents with special needs.


I Lach Sorrento WA

It works very well, our TV is protected and we are very happy.


E Elgers Brinsmead Qld

We lost two TV's from WII remotes then we found TV Screen Defender and are very happy with it. The kids get rowdy running through the house and playing but we won't lose another TV now. It's a fantastic product, you can put my name to that!


S Woolley Berwick VIC                                                                                                                                                     

It's been wonderful, it was easy to put on and doesn't affect the picture at all, we forget that it's there now and are happy the kids can't damage the screen. Great product.


A Knight Bendigo VIC

We are really, really happy with it. The kids have WII games and we didn't want to risk it so we installed the TV Screen Defender and we love it. Brilliant product, we have told all our friends about it.


Chris Melton West VIC

I bought one for my sister who lost three TV's in one month, now its protected she doesn't have to worry anymore. When I bought mine my wife didn't believe it could work so she threw one of the kids toys at it, now she believes it works. I don't even think about it anymore, you forget it's there.


C Nicholls Glenning Valley NSW

Our son likes to poke things at the TV screen, we'd only had it for two days when we thought he had broken it, now we can relax knowing he can't damage it. We also bought one for my Mum as my son visits there often. We are very happy with the TV Screen Defender, we don't even know it's there anymore.


B Wearin Lapstone NSW

We lost a TV after our young son threw a matchbox car at it. He hasn't tested out the Screen Defender yet but if he does we know it'll be ok.


B Corso Lysterfield VIC

The Defender keeps the kids dirty hands off the TV screen, it's been good, we are very happy with our  TV Screen Defender.


L Camm Werribee VIC

Our child scratched our last TV so with our new Screen Defender it's been great, no damage.


V O'Brien Balwyn Nth VIC

We bought a TV Screen Defender after one of our children damaged the last TV. It's been great, no need to worry now.


M Gurr Westdale NSW

Our last TV was scratched by the kids and ruined. The Screen Defender has done a great job of protecting our new TV.


Andrew Box Hill Nth VIC

We have an outside TV so its prone to being hit with a ball, I'm very happy with the Screen Defender.