"My husband had been waiting for the new 65inch 3D Plasma TV for so long and when it finally arrived it took pride of place in our lounge. It was only 3 weeks old when our very uncoordinated 2 year old son threw a small toy. The new TV wasn't the target but it took the bullet, therefore rendering it a corpse, so to speak."

"When hubby called to say hi, he picked up on the 'overly cheery' note in my voice. "are the kids ok"? He asked after I began to cry. How am I going to tell him his new toy was toast. "they're fine" I spluttered, still crying like a fool. It was quiet on the other end of the phone except for the sound of the penny dropping. " the TV, is the TV ok? He asked...... Nooooooooo!"

"After making the difficult financial decision to replace the TV, hubby wasn't going to let it come out of the box till we had something to protect it. Upon searching the net we could find nothing in Australia that would be suitable. This inspired us to create TV Screen Defender. We couldn't be the only people who have suffered such stress & if we could help it, others wouldn't have to experience the heartbreak of losing such an item so easily. "

This TV Screen Protector comes in two styles, Clear and Anti-Reflective. Both offer the same level of protection except the Anti-Reflective option  won't allow refelections on the front of the Screen Protector hence offering a better viewing experience.

So if you need  TV screen protection, get a TV Screen Defender.

This optical grade plexi glass shield can help protect your valuable flat screen.

Your new screen protector is made in Australia right here in Melbourne, cleaning is a breeze with any non ammonia based glass cleaner . All that's left for you to do now is enjoy your new TV with peace of mind knowing its protected by TV Screen Defender.